MIRAGE is a festival created by filmmakers promoting the poetry of cinema and the collaborative art of filmmaking. The festival celebrates the craft of filmmaking itself and embraces the filmmakers and artists who, with courage and without compromise, create innovative films rooted in reality. MIRAGE screens up to 45 highly curated artistic films, blurring the lines between fiction and non-fiction.

MIRAGE was created to stimulate uncompromising projects and better the opportunities for funding and distribution for artistically cinematic films. We want to create fascination, understanding and recognition of the non-fiction film and its methods as a form of artistic expression.

MIRAGE Professionals is all about the craft of filmmaking and the filmmaking process with a special focus on making a hub for the professionals behind the collaborative art of cinema; cinematographers, sound designers, directors and editors to meet and discuss their work. The festival hands out four acclaimed prizes: The MIRAGE Awards for Editing, Cinematography, Directing and Sound Design. A one-person jury decides the award as a recognition from one artist to the other. 

The word "MIRAGE" originates from Latin; "mirari" meaning "to wonder at" or from French "mirer" meaning "to reflect or mirror." The term is most commonly used to describe an optical illusion or refraction of light that creates a reflection or distorted mirroring of the visible.

MIRAGE plays on the idea of how the "reality" around us is experienced. What is subjective and what is objective? How do we perceive the world around us, and how can art contribute to reflecting it? 

How to redeem digital tickets with a Festival Pass/Accreditation:

  • - Select a screening on our website or at Vega Scene.
  • - Choose the ticket category that corresponds to your festival pass/accreditation and the number of tickets (only one ticket per festival pass).
  • - In the "kupong” field, enter your card number. In the "PIN code" field, enter your PIN code. Enter your mobile number, name, and email address. Complete the transaction.
  • - You will receive an SMS with a link to a mobile ticket for the screening. This must be shown at the entrance to the cinema along with the physical festival pass.

The MIRAGE PROFESSIONALS pass provides access to industry events at Vega, as well as the full film program. The day pass will only provide access for the industry events.