Wednesday's Program

Finally its time for the third edition of MIRAGE and even greater than last year. On Wednesday we will open the doors at our grungy venue at Urtegata 11. This day will be filled with things happening for the film industry but also for the audience where you can experience immersive concerts, performances, industry events and mingles and of course a DJ to end the night.


18:00 - Official Opening Event | Doors Open
18:30 - Introduction

As We're Told (2017, 28 min)

Imagine a nightmare where your local employment office has been replaced by a Kafkaesque version of reality made of cardboard.

ICONOCROM | Live Cinema and Music Performance

Konstantin Helmers intends to improvise an original piece alongside Gianmarco Donaggio, drawing inspiration from the filmmaker's microfilm project (more about the incredible Donaggio at Using a series of homemade instruments and sensors, for half an hour, we will hear him evoke sounds from objects in Urtegata 11, as well as objects connected to the place's history.

Plastic Semiotic (2021, 22 min)

Inspired by 19th-century writers like Chekhov and Flaubert who used clichés to depict life, this film taps into a modern set of clichés: toys. It delivers a cinematic experience where these miniature figures take on a grand dimension when projected on a big screen.

Silent Cinema Concert | Nothing but Time

The musicians Kinsella and Elfrida will take us on a journey through time with this silent cinema concert. Kinsella, born Bjørk-Guinevere Kinsella Eide, is a talented musician known for her beautiful and exciting soundscapes that seamlessly blend fragments from her diverse musical background. Elfrida is the artist name of Grete-Johanne Torvholm, who is both a musician, songwriter, music producer, technician and composer. Elfrida welcomes the listener to a musical universe that fluctuates on the borderline of pop, heavily influenced by the electronic landscape, combined with her candor voice and vocal production. Their silent film concert NOTHING BUT TIME is the commissioned work made during talent program Cloud Exit running by Insomnia Festival in collaboration with Tromsø International Film Festival. Project is supported by Talent Norway and SNN Samfunnsløftet.

DJs presented by Baba Bar


Dana Jdid Founder co own @bababar_oslo,Founder owner @hausofjdid, Producer, Innovator @keychangeeu, Ambassador @osloworld, Resident @badhabits.oslo

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