As a part of the opening of MIRAGE you will get the chance to immerse yourself in a world from a different time with this silent cinema concert in collaboration with TIFF and Insomnia Festival.

NOTHING BUT TIME (1926, 47 min) is a “city symphony” from Paris, a non-fiction genre that seeks to capture the daily life of a city in all its dusk-to-dawn diversity. The film is both experimental and avant-garde, and blends documentary and staged drama in a hybrid form. We are examining the urban landscape and the people who inhabit it. Brazilian director, Cavalcanti, states his mission in the beginning of NOTHING BUT TIME: “This is not a depiction of the fashionable and elegant life ... but of the everyday life of the humble, the downtrodden." We follow the miserable places of Paris, and at the same time we meet five characters in the dramatized scenes. 

The film is considered the first of the city symphonies, which reputedly inspired Dziga Vertov in his making of THE MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA.

About the musicians
Kinsella, born Bjørk-Guinevere Kinsella Eide, is a talented musician known for her beautiful and exciting soundscapes that seamlessly blend fragments from her diverse musical background. She holds a master's degree in classical piano and is currently pursuing studies in Live Electronics at the prestigious Norwegian Academy of Music. Kinsella was presented as part of the Cloud Exit talent programme at Insomnia 2022.

Elfrida is the artist name of Grete-Johanne Torvholm, who is both a musician, songwriter, music producer, technician and composer. Elfrida welcomes the listener to a musical universe that fluctuates on the borderline of pop, heavily influenced by the electronic landscape, combined with her candor voice and vocal production. She states music is what emotions sound like, and it emerges from somewhere between the soul and the subconscious.

The silent film concert NOTHING BUT TIME is the commissioned work made during talent program Cloud Exit running by Insomnia Festival in collaboration with Tromsø International Film Festival. Project is supported by Talent Norway and SNN Samfunnsløftet.

Tickets available at the door and free entry with festival pass. Limited capacity!

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