ICONOCROM - Live Cinema and Music Performance

As part of the MIRAGE Opening Event at Urtegata, there will be a live performance by the great Gianmarco Donaggio and Konstantin Helmers that seamlessly blends the realms of cinema and music, born from a deep appreciation for the minutest intricacies of the world, inviting the audience to delve into the microcosm. By observing closely, one can discover beauty in every aspect of existence.

Gianmarco Donaggio's cinema-performance is an audiovisual experience in which the artist explores the world through optics he has created, revealing unexpected possibilities of vision. Together with musician Konstantin Helmers, they both explore the microworld and the details of objects. How both sound, music and image can reveal hidden treasures if you pay enough attention. This multisensory journey takes us through a hidden realm, unveiling details and shapes that we rarely encounter. This work serves as an ode to letting go, falling, and embracing a naïve and unadorned form of creation.

More about the artist: https://www.gianmarcodonaggio.com/about

Performance Contents:

The artist will present a series of images generated with special optics, specifically created for this performance. During the performance, the artist will create a live visual choreography. This live editing process allows the audience to witness the creation and transformation of images in real time.

Konstantin Helmers will improvise an original piece in collaboration with Gianmarco Donaggio, drawing inspiration from the filmmaker's microfilm project. Using a series of homemade instruments and sensors, we will hear him evoke sounds from objects at the venue Urtegata 11 and objects connected to the location's history.

Konstantin Helmers is a young Norwegian musician from Oslo who works within various modern music genres. He is trained as a classical violinist but has spent his entire professional career in genres such as jazz, rock, soul, and improvised music. Helmers has collaborated with numerous prominent artists and is known for his work with bands like Three Souls, the New NSB, and KONSTANTIN TRIO. Despite being recognised for his modern and forward-thinking original compositions and playing style, his primary focus is interpreting the American jazz tradition.

Tickets available at the door and free entry with festival pass. Limited capacity!

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