DAY 2: Roundtable: The Performative Element of Cinema, The encounter with Audiences and the Unexpected
Gianmarco Donaggio, Greg Pope, Konstantin Helmers
In this conversation, we explore how the live element of filmmaking can create a more immediate and dynamic dialogue with the audience and embrace unexpected and improvised pieces. The idea of film as a performance or installation, offering unique and one-of-a-kind experiences for the audience. An exciting and relatively unexplored aspect of filmmaking and the cinematic experience.
Gianmarco Donaggio - Filmmaker, Cinematographer Greg Pope - Visual Artist Konstantin Helmers

Gianmarco Donaggio, an award-winning film director, cinematographer, and essayist, has dedicated much of his work to researching this concept. He is an attentive observer of the role of images in society and is interested in the evolution of cinematic form. Together with curator and artist Greg Pope, they discuss the realm of possibilities and what is likely to be a central part of the future of the film experience.

His film: In Visible Light screens later tonight at 23:00 (Vega 3).

After dabbling in punk rock bands and absurdist performance, Greg Pope founded film collective ‘Situation Cinema’ (Brighton 1986) and ‘Loophole Cinema’ (London, 1989). Working collaboratively and individually, since 1996, Pope has made video installations, live cinema performance,  single screen film works, slide projection performance, sound/percussion pieces, vitrines and speaker installations.

Konstantin Helmers is a young Norwegian musician from Oslo who works within various modern music genres. He is trained as a classical violinist but has spent his entire professional career in genres such as jazz, rock, soul, and improvised music. Helmers has collaborated with numerous prominent artists and is known for his work with bands like Three Souls, the New NSB, and KONSTANTIN TRIO. Despite being recognized for his modern and forward-thinking original compositions and playing style, his primary focus lies in interpreting the American jazz tradition.

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