PERFORMANCE: In Visible Light

Vega Scene
Advocating for cinematic innovation and exploration Gianmarco Donaggio uses cinema and live performance to unveil the captivating spectrum of electricity, from its humble beginnings in the micro universe to its luminous presence on towering city billboards. There will be two versions of this performance, one on October 13th, and one for the youngsters on October 14th.
Original title: In Visible Light Year: 2023 Duration: 60 min. Country of Production: Norway, Italy Language: English Cinematographer: Gianmarco Donaggio Sound Designer: Gianmarco Donaggio Director: Gianmarco Donaggio Editor: Gianmarco Donaggio Producer: Gianmarco Donaggio

The journey begins with a visual statement: what you are watching here is made by the very same subject of this film; moving images are electricity. Filmmaker and visual artist Donaggio explores the mystical and mesmerising visuality of electricity. Revealing the beauty and energy of electrical current and the massive impact it has on almost everything around us, Donaggio invites viewers to embark on a transformative cinematic ride caused by electric flux. Immersed in a multi sensory experience of vibrant colours, dynamic movements, and resonant vibrations, IN VISIBLE LIGHT embraces the act of creation itself as an encounter between the filmmaker and the unexpected. Generated images are combined with his striking portrayal of electricity's presence, everywhere, always, filmed at spectacular locations from all around the globe.

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