Slow Cinema

Vega Scene
Drift away and snooze to meditative images and film poetry. Slow Cinema is a pleasant, relaxing and blissful film experience where you can watch contemplative films on the silver screen while relaxing in a bean bag or a hammock.

Some of the Slow Cinema films we will be screening:

SPECIAL SCREENING - Faya Dayi with an Ethiopian coffee ceremony before the film starts.

Under the Sky Shelter - With its sublime 16mm black and white images and incomparable soundscape, Under the Shelter Sky stands out as one of last year's great artistic experiences. A shepherd roams the Chilean plains with thousands of sheep in this evocative journey portrayed as a nostalgic dream of lost time.

Fragments from Heaven - The Moroccan desert has recently experienced several large meteor showers. In its arid lands now, rest some celestial pieces. A group of nomads, a scientist and a business man are all on a meticulous hunt for those tiny stones in the desert. Stones they hope can change their lives.

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