With its sublime 16mm black and white images and incomparable soundscape, Under the Shelter Sky stands out as one of last year's great artistic experiences. A shepherd roams the Chilean plains with thousands of sheep in this evocative journey portrayed as a nostalgic dream of lost time.
Nominated for Editing
Nominated for Directing
Nominated for Sound
Nominated for Cinematography
Original Title: Al Amparo Del Cielo Director: Diego Acosta Country: Chile Year: 2021 Duration: 65 min Producers: Florencio DuPont & Sebastián Sánchez

This film accompanied Don Cucho and his fellow muleteers on their ascent to the Andes Mountains for three consecutive summers. Sleeping like them in the open, eating what they eat and herding in some cases, ourselves, the animals. We crossed cliffs, heights with less oxygen, forests and melted rivers. All amazing landscapes we filmed to share this experience. We record the work of the muleteers with nature and with their animals. But also his breaks, his naps and with them, his dreams. To show dreams, it is necessary to cross a threshold - dreams cannot yet be registered - it is necessary to recreate them, and the best tool is the cinema. Raúl Ruiz wrote that in poetry, it can be said that language goes on vacation, in cinema it is the real world that goes on vacation.

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In this pulsating and experimental debut, Diego Acosta lulls us into a dreamlike state with haunting black and white imagery in a sublime, almost wordless, travelogue. Acostas artistic presence is subtle but profound, where gorgeous compositions of light and shadow demonstrates a proficiency in the cinematic craft.

Diego Acosta Hernández (1990, Chile) started directing shortfilms and "Under the Sky Shelter (2001) is his first experimental documentary film. It was awarded the prize for best Chilean Feautre Film at the Valdivia International Film Festival (2021) and was nominated in this year's CPH: DOX:Awards.

"I’m very interested in cinema as an art form, as a means of expression, as a technological invention, as a form of knowledge"