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Gisle Nataas | Javier Umpierrez | Christian Pagh
Following the sound performance "Architecture as an Instrument", Gisle Nataas sits together with Christian Pagh, Chief Curator Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022, and star Sound Designer of EAMI Javier Umpierrez in a conversation moderated by Racha Helen Larsen, Programme Director of MIRAGE, to explore the influence of sound as a main dimension in the creation and experiences of place and community. This conversation is continuing a dialogue initiated with the performance on and about living in the city that Gisle Nataas performed at thew closing ceremony of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022 “Mission Neighbourhood: (Re)forming communities”.

Gisle Nataas - architect and sound artist

Born in Bergen and lives in Oslo. Graduate architect from Bergen School of Architecture and Royal Danish Academy - Architecture - in Copenhagen. Works with architecture and the sound of architecture. As a sound artist Nataas works with field recordings from architecture, as live performances and in sound installations. Field recordings are mixed, processed and transformed into new musical and spatial experiences. Nataas run the project “Architecture as an instrument” in the national programme Den Kulturelle Skolesekken that is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Research. 

Javier Umpierrez

Javier Umpierrez, with a lifelong passion for audio storytelling, has spent the past 13 years as a versatile sound designer, editor, mixer, and occasional composer. His work, spanning Mexico and international projects, has been featured at prestigious festivals like Cannes and Venice, making him a notable presence in the world of sound design.

Christian Pagh

Christian is Director and Chief Curator of the Oslo Architecture Triennale and has dedicated his curatorship to exploring the concept and reality of neighbourhoods. Having a background in philosophy and strategic design, he has headed a range of projects within urban planning, strategic design and placemaking.


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