3. Saturday Professionals: Soundscape and the Visual Image
At Ingensteds + Vega
Start the day with a mindfulness dance with Irena Taskovski, a Sir Roger Deakins Masterclass, join us to challenge the "non-fiction" term and for an exciting experience to learn the capabilities of the sound universe in Cinema!

10:30 AM - Ingensteds: Dance Mindfulness Session: Irena Taskovski

Dance away your stress & boost your creativity!

About the session: Everyone is welcome. You don't have to have any previous experience of dance, movement mindfulness or conscious leadership practices. Dress in comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water.

  • 5rhythms - dynamic movement practice
  • Awareness through the body exercises
  • Gaining tools for stress relief, self-care and creative recharging for your everyday life

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1:00 PM - Vega 1: Sir Roger Deakins: Masterclass in Cinematography

In cooperation with FNF - The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers

MIRAGE is happy to present a conversation with world-renowned cinematographer and photographer Sir Roger Deakins, talking about his path from working as a photographer, to documentary film, to his latest films such as Blade Runner 2049, 1917, Skyfall and Empire of Light

Nominated fifteen times for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, he has won that award twice for Blade Runner 2049, and 1917. His best-known films are The Shawshank Redemption, Fargo, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, A Beautiful Mind, Skyfall, Sicario, Blade Runner 2049, and 1917. The American Society of Cinematographers gave Deakins a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, and in 2013 he was bestowed a CBE by the Palace for his services to film. In the 2021 New Year Honours he was knighted as a Knight Bachelor.

Sir Roger Deakins
James Ellis Deakins
Member from FNF (TBA)
Egil Håskjold Larsen - Cinematographer, director and programmer at MIRAGE

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3:30 PM - Ingensteds: What is “Non-Fiction”?

A conversation about the term “non-fiction”: its meanings, limitations and possibilities, circling in on the hybrid films screening at MIRAGE 2022.

Mike Sperlinger - Professor, KHiO
Erika Balsom - Critic and Scholar, teaching Film studies at King’s College, London.
Matteo Tortone - Filmmaker and producer. Director of Mother Lode.

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6 PM - Vega Salongen: Heikki Kossi Foley Performance: The Sound Universe of Cinema

The amazing and award-winning foley artist and sound designer Heikki Kossi (Finland) comes to MIRAGE to do a musical sound performance and workshop that explores the space of possibilities of the universe of sounds in film. A foley artist recreates and invents the sounds that enrich the details of the cinema soundscape. The sounds you see, the sounds you maybe only feel and sounds you never could imagine existed. The sounds of footsteps from 500 different shoes, on gravel, or stone, the sound of clothes moving when walking, of a window breaking to pieces in a car crash or how old torn-out tapes can replicate grass moving in the wind.

Heikki Kossi - Foley artist and sound designer, H5 Film Sound (Finland)

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Ingensteds and Vega - Festival Pass: Free entry + Day pass sold at the door (130kr)

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