PICK MY BRAIN: Short Film Distribution
Join us for a "pick-my-brain" session with programmer Jasper Hokken from IDFA. He will be present in the Mezzanine between IDFA World Shorts I and IDFA World Shorts II. Links down below!

Jasper Hokken, a programmer for short films at the world's largest and most important documentary film festival, IDFA, will be participating in a "pick-my-brain" session between the screenings of his two curated IDFA short film programs presented during MIRAGE. We aim to initiate a dialogue about the short film format. Filmmakers, producers, and interested individuals, along with Hokken, will attempt to decode the opportunities and pitfalls that exist for short films in today's distribution landscape. What criteria does IDFA use when selecting short films, and what does Hokken desire in a short film? At a time when the Norwegian Film Institute has eliminated the distribution channel, leaving the short format more vulnerable than ever, filmmakers and producers find themselves more isolated. This conversation serves as a form of self-help, focusing on the importance and future of short films.

IDFA World Shorts I: https://www.mirage.no/films/idfa-world-shorts-i

IDFA World Shorts II: https://www.mirage.no/films/idfa-world-shorts-ii


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