MASTERCLASS: Michael Christopher Brown
Michael Christopher Brown | Laara Matsen | Fritt Ord
Join us for a master class in collaboration with Fritt Ord featuring star photographer Michael Christopher Brown, where he will let us in on his latest AI projects and share the thoughts behind them. He will talk about how he works with AI technology, and the challenges it poses for photographers and the industry. This is a unique opportunity to hear from an expert and gain insights into the future of photography and technology.

After Browns presentation, a conversation between Brown and the audience will be led by NJP editor and curator Laara Matsen.

Michael Christopher Brown’s work utilizes the iconography of photojournalism to amplify stories using unconventional techniques. From combining the multimedia applications of the iPhone in documenting the 2011 Libyan Revolution for the book and film Libyan Sugar, to using text prompts gathered from on-the-ground research in generating imagery for the 2023 AI series 90 Miles.

90 Miles represents a post-photography AI reporting illustration experiment that utilizes photographic-looking imagery to explore historical events and the realities of Cuban life. These realities have motivated Cubans to cross the 90 miles of ocean separating Havana from Florida. In the AI series Skagit Valley, they examine potential past and futures of nuclear, climate, renewable technologies, and machines as connected to agriculture.

Editorials have long used reportage illustrations to illuminate stories in fresh ways. As anyone may now collaborate with the collective history of photography to illustrate the photographed world and create a story or vision of what was, is, or can be, AI may play a crucial role in enhanced identification with storytelling and, by extension, humanity.

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