Conversation: Cinematography Roundtable - Moderated by Sir Roger Deakins
Patrick Tresch (Switzerland), Thomas Tsiftelis (Greece), Arshia Shakiba (Canada)
This year, in line with our ambition to promote the work and craft of making cinema, MIRAGE launches our Roundtable discussions section.
Tickets: Festival Pass-holders: Free entry (First Come, First Served) Day pass: Sold at the door - 200 NOK Place: Ingensteds (Brenneriveien 9, 0182 Oslo)

Each year we invite filmmakers and professionals who are nominated for the MIRAGE Awards. For Sound Design, Cinematography, Editing and Directing. 

For MIRAGE 2022 we are very happy to have two strong conversations with both the nominated cinematographers and sound designers.  Each conversation is moderated by the one-person jury for each category. Read more about the nominated films here

The Cinematography Roundtable includes the following candidates for the MIRAGE Cinematography Award:
Arshia Shakiba - Cinematographer (Rojek)
Patrick Tresch - Cinematographer (Mother Lode)
Thomas Tsiftelis - Cinematographer (Dogwatch)

The conversation is moderated by: Sir Roger Deakins (the one-person jury to decide and hand out this year's MIRAGE Cinematography Award).

Also nominated, but not present: Jessica Beshir (Faya Dayi)

Festival Pass: Free entry + Day pass sold at the door (200kr)

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