DAY 3: Roundtable - Cinema as a Collaborative Artform
Nordic Unions (Cinematography, Sound, Editing)
A meeting across unions of the Nordic countries, across Cinematographers, Editors, Sound Designers. How can we push the language of cinema forward, maintain originality and artistry, and prevent generic algorithmic filmmaking from taking over? And, how can we unite to ensure that the artistic contributions of the creative professionals in cinema are better recognized and appreciated by institutions and funders, and that they remain at the forefront of our audience's minds?


Paul Rene - Norway - The Society of Norwegian Cinematographers
Raquel Fernández Núñez - Spain - Spanish Society of Cinematographers
Casper Høyberg - Denmark - Danish Association of Cinematographers
Jakob Ingimundarson - Iceland - The Icelandic Cinematographers Society
Matti Eerikäinen - Finland - Finnish Society of Cinematographers
Joona Louhivuori - Finland - Finnish Cinema Editors
Martin Wehding - Denmark -  The Society of Danish Film Editors

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