DAY 3: Meet the talents of the craft
Talent presentation
MIRAGE, in collaboration with various regional film centres, offers a platform for filmmakers and professionals from Oslo and other parts of Norway to present themselves and their work to the film industry. The purpose of these pitches is to spark interest in daring new talents and original voices, and to explore possibilities for co-productions across different regions of the country.

Supported by Oslo Kommune and Oslo Film Commission, in collaboration with Northern Norwegian Film Centre, Viken Filmsenter and Southern Norwegian Film Centre 6 talented cinematographers and editors presents themselves for the industry.

The participants:

Jonas Kiplesund

Mikolaj Kepinski

Runar Sørheim

Svein Olav Sandem

Tor Edvin Eliassen

Åsmund Hasli

A day pass costs 200 kr and provides access to the entire industry program for the day (excluding films). Free entry with a festival pass for industry professionals.

Day pass for Thursday:
Day pass for Friday:

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