DAY 3: Meet the Producers - (ACE Producers + Looking Up Talents)
Norwegian up-and-coming producers participating in ACE Producer Workshop this year introduce themselves, their profiles, and the projects and collaborations they seek. ‍Participants from the initiative Looking Up will present themselves. Looking Up is a talent program to help bring young talents with a diversity background up and forward in the documentary film industry.

The participants:

Ragna Midtgard (ACE)

Tøri Gjendal (ACE)

Dzenan Tarakcija (ACE)

Karianne Berge (ACE)

Elle Whitney (Looking Up)

Rezan Ærdem (Looking Up)

Diska Livia (Looking Up)

Akari Izumi Kvamme (Looking Up)

Anlin Kassab Liland (Looking Up)

A day pass costs 200 kr and provides access to the entire industry program for the day (excluding films). Free entry with a festival pass for industry professionals.

Day pass for Thursday:
Day pass for Friday:

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