DAY 2: Artistic Research
Erik Gandini | Nina Grünfeld
How can artistic research in film enrich the film industry, the cinematic language, and educational institutions? And what could be the downside?

Our institutions of film education currently face multiple challenges. Film schools are integrated with larger universities, and current funding is at risk. At the same time, the industry navigates paradigmatic transformations through digital and technological innovation, such as AI, VR/AR, virtual production, streaming and social media platforms, to name a few. How can these parallel challenges across film institutions and industry provide an opportunity to come together with curiosity and industry-institutional collaboration? With Artistic Research receiving growing attention, professors’ research time can be used to experiment with new formats, and students represent a newborn digital diversity and eco-mined film generation. How can artistic research in film enrich the industry and educational institutions through processes of audience participation?

In conversation with Erik Gandini and Nina Grünfeld.

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