Conversation: NJP - Cinematographer meets still photographer
At Ingensteds
A conversation on the process of expression as an artist, as a human and as a conveyer.

The conversation holders:

Norwegian Journal of Photography's current photographer Hilde Honerud (b. 77) is educated at the School of Fine Arts in Oslo, the Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Napier University in Edinburgh. She is an associate professor in photography at the University of Southeast Norway. In recent years, Honerud has been working on a number of exhibitions, seminars and publications. In 2018 she was a county artist in Buskerud and has had solo exhibitions at, among others, the Rake viewing room in Trondheim, Art Museum Nord-Trøndelag, Tenthaus, Fotogalleriet in Oslo, Buskerud Art Center in Drammen, Bærum Art Hall, NITJA Center for Contemporary Art in Lillestrøm, MELK and QB in Oslo She has been purchased by private and public collections and received a number of awards.

Patrik Säfström is a Norwegian cinematographer behind a number of Norwegian and international documentaries and fiction. Patrik is known for his sensibility and chameleon ability to go deep into his projects, to find a unique expression for each individual film, and each individual collaboration with directors. Everything from the free, fragmented and wild Gritt by Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, to precision work with Paul Greengrass’ 22.Juli or documentaries together with Paul Tunge such as Mind of Modernism and The Rumohr Estate, which are shown at MIRAGE.

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