Conversation: Cinematographers Patrick Tresch and Thomas Tsiftelis
Dogwatch + Mother Lode
Cinematographer Patrick Tresch made the stunning black-and-white imagery of Mother Lode in conversation with the sensible and colourful Dogwatch cinematographer Thomas Tsiftelis at Vega Galleriet.

Thomas Tsiftelis bio:

Born in Serres, Greece, Thomas studied Audio Visual Arts at the Ionian University. He started working with the film language through video art and still photography and soon specialised as a cinematographer. He is obsessed with visual narration and challenging the boundaries between fiction and documentary. In 2022 he was selected to participate in the Sarajevo Talents 2022. Thomas has received cinematography awards for his short films, while his last works have been noticed by several international festivals.

Patrick Tresch bio:

After studying film, Patrick Tresch worked as a director of photography in Brazil and Switzerland. His many years of experience as a digital post-production manager and colourist allowed him to master both film and digital formats. Since 2009, he has been a regular contributor to the Film Department of HEAD - Geneva, giving courses on lighting and cutting.

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