Conversation: Case Studies
Challenges and Opportunities of the Hybrid Space
A conversation between two filmmakers with ongoing projects within hybrid filmmaking, representing the format and its challenges.
Tickets: Festival Pass-holders: Free entry (First Come, First Served) Day pass Sold at the door - 130 NOK Place: Ingensteds (Brenneriveien 9, 0182 Oslo)

Bringing their expertise, representatives of the support system will join the dialogue and talk about how this fits into the support system and the opportunities that exist there. What are the challenges regarding the system for those who work within the divide between documentary and fiction? What artistic consequences does this have for the hybrid film? 


Aslaug Holm - Filmmaker and producer, Fenris Film
Bård Kjøge Rønning - Filmmaker and producer, Antipode Film
Eirin Gjørv - Documentary film consultant, NFI
Jenny Örnborn - Consultant, Svensk filminstitutt (SFI)
Moderator: Racha Larsen, festival manager and film producer, Yellow Log

Festival Pass: Free entry + Day pass sold at the door (130kr)

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