Conversation: Blindspot
Financing Models to Protect Artistic Freedom
A dialogue on how to protect the artistic freedom that goes into filmmaking as the various financing models constantly adapt to a changing market.
Tickets: Festival Pass-holders: Free entry (First Come, First Served) Day pass: Sold at the door - 130 NOK Place: Ingensteds (Brenneriveien 9, 0182 Oslo)

What responsibility does the state aid have? How does this relate to distribution and production support, now that there is no "separate" arrangement for artistic exploration? How can we protect uncompromising artists and the projects that often end up in the blind spot between funding and distribution?


Elisa Fernanda Pirir- Producer, MerFilm
Ingvil Giske - Producer, Medieoperatørene
Klara Grunning - Documentary Consultant, NFI
Silje Rise Næss - Head of Section for Artistic Assessment, NFI
Moderator: TBA

Festival Pass: Free entry + Day pass sold at the door (130kr)

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