ULTIMA | Sophia Brous: Mount Analogue

MIRAGE er glade for å presentere et samarbeid med ULTIMA om å presentere Sophia Brous: Mount Analogue – A Provisionally Utopian Live Performance (2022, WP)

Commissioned by Ultima, this world premiere brings together an international ensemble of distinguished artists led by Australian multi-genre artist, musician and vocalist Sophia Brous.

Mount Analogue is adapted for the stage after inspiration from the short novel Le Mont Analogue (1952) by the French surrealist René Daumal. The work, written in the last five years of the author's life, was also the inspiration behind Alejandro Jodorowki's cult film The Holy Mountain (1973). The book describes the philosophical journey to a symbolic mountain. "The portal to the invisible must be visible", wrote Daumal.

Eventet skjer fredag 23/9 kl 20.00 på Den Norske Opera & Ballett.

Den Norske Opera & Ballett
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