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The magnificently beautiful film Burial, about the shutdown and burial of a nuclear power plant merges with cosmic rave guru Timo Kaukolampi for an unforgettable live music and film performance!!

“Ladies and gentleman, we are floating in space, but deeper passions rooted in earthly emotions are what elevate this vividly imaginative masterwork” -Prog

Is it possible to bury the immortal? Burial is a study of humans extreme capabilities and innovative efforts, in an exploration of the paradox between our technological advances and our increasingly complex relationships with nature. The film is an immersive sensorial trip into the unique and vast Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) in Lithuania, now undergoing a decommissioning process. Cold War energy structures impact recent geopolitical processes and leave planetary threats over long periods of time.

Timo Kaukolampi is a Helsinki-based experimental music artist and self-taught composer, producer and meta band leader. His goal and ethos is to destroy and re-create his musical output with every new project and release. In search of uncharted realms of music, he has given us projects such as K-X-P and Opel Bastards.

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