MIRAGE Opening Party

FESTIVAL PASS: https://www.mirage.no/tickets
The opening is included in the festival pass. Ticket price for ordinary ticket is 250,- ticket link available soon.

For the grand opening of MIRAGE 2023 a gritty industrial workshop comes alive with visual performances, a silent cinema concert and cinematic short films followed by an afterparty. Save the date and mind the rats!

This years opening will take place at Urtegata which is known to be Grønland's cultural hub. The venue is a vibrant space where artists and individuals can explore, create, and share their passion for art and culture. Step into the gritty charm of the workshop that sends minds wandering to the estetics of New York in the 80s (what's not to love?!) at the buzzing streets of Grønland, as MIRAGE 2023's grand opening transports you to a world where visual performances, electrifying DJs, a hauntingly beautiful silent cinema concert, and captivating short films collide, creating an immersive cinematic experience like no other. More information and ticket sale will soon be announced.

Silent Cinema Concert:
NOTHING BUT TIME (1926) is a “city symphony” from Paris, a non-fiction genre that seeks to capture the daily life of a city in all its dusk-to-dawn diversity. The film is both experimental and avant-garde, and blends documentary and staged drama in a hybrid form. The sound will be brought to life by artists Kinsella and Elfrida.

The silent film concert NOTHING BUT TIME is the commissioned work made during talent program Cloud Exit running by Insomnia Festival in collaboration with Tromsø International Film Festival. Project is supported by Talent Norway and SNN Samfunnsløftet.

AS WE'RE TOLD (2017, 28 min)
Imagine a nightmare where your local employment office has been replaced by a Kafkaesque version of reality made of cardboard.

Live Performance by Gianmarco Donaggio:

Gianmarco Donaggio's cinema-performance is an audiovisual experience in which the artist explores the world through optics he has created, revealing unexpected possibilities of vision. Together with musician Konstantin Helmers, they both explore the microworld and the details of objects. How both sound, music and image can reveal hidden treasures if you pay enough attention.
This multisensory journey takes us through a hidden realm, unveiling details and shapes that we rarely encounter.
This work serves as an ode to letting go, falling, and embracing a naïve and unadorned form of creation.

More about the artist: https://www.gianmarcodonaggio.com/about

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