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The Eclipse by Nataša Urban is selected as the MIRAGE Film Of The Year 2022.

Every year MIRAGE picks a Film Of The Year that shows unique cinematic qualities that will be manifested throughout the festival's tone and visual profile. From the core principles of its filmic ideas, to its images used in posters, flyers and digital platforms, we freely apply the film's enigmatic visuals to show our appreciation of the film's achievements and contribution to our art form. Last year, El Mar La Mar perfectly graced every corner of our festival profile. This year we are delighted to announce that The Eclipse by Nataša Urban will be MIRAGE's Film Of The Year 2022. The film perfectly encapsulates the themes of our festival, focusing on the filmmaker's craft and its poetic approach to the restraints of the documentarian genre.

With The Eclipse, Nataša Urban enlightens the darker sides of her home country's history through her own personal point of view, with poetically visualized reflections and memories. Perhaps depicting the cycles of evil, The Eclipse digs in the darker sides of the past while drawing a lineage to the present. How can a society heal when the reluctance to take responsibility is dismissed? One of this year's best documentaries, produced by Medieoperatørene, has so far received significant international acclaim taking home the main prize from CPH: DOX, and being awarded a special mention at Doc Alliance Award. We are struck by the film's superb sound design and music, which along with the analogue photography, elevates Urban's stories to a transcendent experience on the big screen.

Written by Anders Emblem.

The Eclipse
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