MIRAGE | Film Of The Year 2023

Finally, we can reveal this edition's film of the year! The Sundance winner Smoke Sauna Sisterhood by Anna Hints: A story about trauma, healing, and community that will have you fully immersed.

Every year MIRAGE picks a Film Of The Year that shows unique cinematic qualities that will be manifested throughout the festival's tone and visual profile. Festival posters, flyers, web, some and even the color profile of this years edition will be based on this film.

We are honored to announce Anna Hints delicate piece is our film of the year for 2023.

In Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, director Anna Hints weaves a compelling narrative of individuals facing past traumas, seeking healing, and forging deep connections within a close community, all against the backdrop of a transformative smoke sauna.

About the director:
Anna Hints is an Estonian film director with a background in contemporary art and experimental folk music. Smoke Sauna Sisterhood is her first feature length film. It premiered at Sundance in January 2023 and received the Directing Award.

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