A series of mysterious disappearances of tubas, stolen from several high schools in the Los Angeles area between 2012-2013, kicks off this symphony of a film that explores the richness, capacity and limitation of the senses.
Original title: The Tuba Thieves Year: 2023 Duration: 91 min. Country of Production: USA Languages: English, American sign language Cinematographer: Derek Howard Sound Designers: Alison O ́Daniel, María Alejandra Rojas, Arturo Salazar “Frosty”, Chema Ramos Roa, Sofía Hernández Ortega Director: Alison O’Daniel Editors: Alison O'Daniel, Zach Khalil Producers: Rachel Nederveld, Alison O'Daniel, Su Kim, Maya E. Rudolph

In the sunny, laid-back Californian backdrop the serial disappearance of tubas throws a symbolic starting point for a film that has nothing to do with tubas at all. As an exploration of the capacity of our senses, the film asks us the question of what it really means to listen and if our ear reliance is our only auditory skill. Being less reliant on spoken dialogue or synchronous sound, but more focused on conveying emotions, experiences, and connections through auditory sensations, THE TUBA THIEVES is an original, audio-visually striking reminder that we should pay more attention, and be more open to the way we perceive things around us. Also to the way we perceive and create film and art. Through several events like a Prince concert at a school for the Deaf, John Cage's soundless piano performance, and a solo by a deaf drummer, director Alison O’Daniel, drawing from her own experience with hearing loss, has created an exceptional, original and sensory cinematic experience that explores our passive relationship what hearing is all about.

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Alison O’Daniel is a visual artist and filmmaker working across sound, moving image, sculpture, installation and performance.

She has screened and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums internationally, including Kunsthalle Osnabrück; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Centro Centro, Madrid; Renaissance Society, Chicago; Art in General, New York; Centre d’art Contemporain Passerelle, Brest and Tallinn Art Hall. O’Daniel is a United States Artist 2022 Disability Futures Fellow and a 2022 Guggenheim Fellow and has received grants from a large number of institutions and foundations. She was included in Filmmaker Magazine’s «25 New Faces of Independent Film» and writing on her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Artforum, Los Angeles Times, BOMB, and ArtReview. She is represented by the Commonwealth and Council in Los Angeles and is an Assistant Professor of Film at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

“I have always been really interested in talking with other disabled artists about how our accessibilities can conflict–and how that can be interesting to work with.”
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Alison O'Daniel, María Alejandra Rojas, Arturo Salazar R.B, Chema Ramos Roa, Sofía Hernández Ortega is nominated with THE TUBA THIEVES for Best Sound Design

María Alejandra Rojas is known for sound work of THE TUBA THIEVES (2023), ROTTING IN THE SUN (2023) and MARCO ALEJANDRA ROJAS.

Arturo Salazar R.B. is known for the sound work of THE TUBA THIEVES (2023), LOS PARECIDOS (2015) and ROTTING IN THE SUN (2023).

Chema Ramos Roa is known for RICOCHET (2022), THE TUBA THIEVES (2023) and FÁBULAS DE ALMAS PERDIDAS (2016).

Sofía Hernández Ortega is known for THE TUBA THIEVES (2023), AN UNKNOWN ENEMY (2018) and LAS 13 ESPOSAS DE WILSON FERNANDEZ (2017).