A time machine of passed memories. A fascinating journey shows the recorded experiences of some of the first western women to record their travels on film. A female gaze on the world around us, and a journey coming to life again through cinema. A fantastic film that lets us see the world from a feminine viewpoint.
Nominated for Editing
Nominated for Directing
Nominated for Sound
Nominated for Cinematography
Original Title: TERRASSE FEMME Director: Courtney Stephens Country: USA Year: 2021 Duration: 62 min Producer: Courtney Stephens

Terra Femme is an essay film comprised of amateur travelogues filmed by women in the1920s-1950s. With a score by Sarah Davachi, the film weaves between geographical essay, personal inquiry, and historical speculation, examining these films as both private documents and accidental ethnographies. The films present a new type of traveler: no longer a male seeker of conquests, she might be a divorcee on a tour of biblical gardens, or a widow on a cruise to the North Pole. Representing the world through women’s eyes, the films raise questions about female representation in the archive, the role of amateurism in early non-fiction filmmaking, and the politics of the Western gaze. At once a film about longing for past worlds through cinematic excavation, this force flows in both directions: as women from the past search for self-making in the act of observing.

The screening on Friday 14th is followed by a conversation about The Colonial Gaze, in Vega Foajé.
A conversation between filmmaker Courtney Stephens, C.S Nicholson, Tonje Bøe Birkeland and Luanda Carneiro Jacoel

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Courtney Stephens is a filmmaker whose non-fiction and experimental films explore the contours of language, historical geography, and women's lives.

Courtney Stephens´s work is exhibited internationally; venues have included MoMA, National Gallery of Art, The Barbican Centre, Exploratorium, The Garage Museum, BAMPFA, and film festivals including the Berlinale, NewYork Film Festival and many more. She was a Fulbright Scholar to India and one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film. A graduate of the AmericanFilm Institute, she co-founded the Los Angeles microcinema Veggie Cloud and has curated filmprograms for The Getty, Museum of the Moving Image, Union Docs, and Flaherty NYC.


The American Sector (2020)
To the Wonder (2012)