Inside the remnants of an abandoned utopian architecture project, a young girl takes us on a journey through her adventurous but challenging life. A beautifully tender and sensitive story of family relations and broken dreams.
Nominated for Editing
Nominated for Directing
Nominated for Sound
Nominated for Cinematography
Original Title: Museum of the Revolution Director: Srđan Keča Country: Czech Republic, Serbia & Croatia Year: 2021 Duration: 91 min Producers: Vanja Jambrović & Srđan Keča

“The wind got up in the night and took our plans away,” reads the proverb in the opening title of Museum of the Revolution. The words reference to the 1961 plan to build a grand museum in Belgrade as a tribute to Socialist Yugoslavia. It was supposed to “safeguard the truth” about the Yugoslav people. But the plan never got beyond the construction of the basement.The derelict building now tells a very different story from the one envisioned by the initiators 60 years ago. In the damp, pitch-dark building live the outcasts of a society reshaped by capitalism. The film focuses on a girl who earns some cash on the street by cleaning car windows with her mother. The girl has a close friendship with an old woman who also lives in the basement. Against the background of a transforming city, the three women find refuge in each other.

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Srđan Keča is not only a filmmaker but an educator. Obtaining awards for documentaries like After the war, A Letter to Dad, and the aptly named MIRAGE. Joining the faculty at Stanford University department of Art & Art History as an assistant professor, teaching in the MFA Documentary Film & Video Program in 2015. Studying Astrophysics at the University of Belgrade, he moved on to documentary filmmaking at Ateliers Varan, later receiving his M.A from the UK National Film and TV school.

"The museum is an unfinished dream that, to me, stands for the unrealised projects and dreams that are specific to the Yugoslav space, but it also reflects the precarious lives of the film’s protagonists"


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