This hybrid western features sisters Chitarra and Léa, tough leaders of an all-female gang that refines oil drawn from an illegal underground pipeline in the Sol Nascente favela in Brazil. Interspersed with street protests and dance parties they sell gasoline to working-class motorcycle-delivery riders who depend on it to survive.
Nominated for Editing
Nominated for Directing
Nominated for Sound
Nominated for Cinematography
Original Title: Mato seco em chamas Directors: Adirley Queirós & Joana Pimenta Country: Brazil & Portugal Year: 2022 Duration: 153 min Producers: João Matos & Adirley Queirós

I was remembering the time... That I got wrapped up in some crazy shit with my sister Chitara. My sister made history in Sol Nascente. That was in 2019. I’d just got out of prison for drug charges. My sister asked me to be a part of this crazy scheme she was caught up in. She got a hold of a map of underground oil pipes. She got it and then... she bought a lot in Sol Nascente. The oil pipes ran right under her land. She started making a lot of money with that. Her, Andreia, China...They made a lot of money. So I started working with them. She took me to the lot, where she built a huge structure. Really huge, it was crazy, dope as hell. She taught me how it all to get the oil from underground, and turn it into gasoline, and all that shit...And she set up a deal with the motoboys, they would buy gasoline from her... she refined the gasoline there, and they bought it off her... Besides the motoboys, Chitara also had a spot at the P.Norte market a stand where she sold her gasoline. And a bunch of other shit. Chitara also got mixed up in politics. She made history... We had Sol Nascente on lock, we fucked things up. We really fucked things up.” Léa tells the story of the Gasolineras de Kebradas, as it echoes through the walls of Colmeia, the women’s prison of Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil.

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Adirley Queiró and Joana Pimenta have received awards for their previous works from all around the world. Now, they have come together to make Dry Ground Burning, a Portugesian/Brazilian film that captures female gangsters who are extracting oil from and underground oil pipe and selling it off to motorcycle gangs.

Adirley Queirós is a filmmaker from Brazil. His latest films are Once it was Brasilia (2017), which premiered at the 70th Locarno Film Festival where it received the Special Mention Signs of Life, and White Out Black In (2014), which was widely screened and won more than 20 awards in Brazil and abroad. His work has been screened at Lincoln Center, Museum of the Moving image, the ICA London, Pacific Film Archive, and featured in publications such as Artforum, Cinemascope, and Cahiers du Cinéma. Adirley’s films have had theatrical releases in Brazil, the U.S., the UK, Argentina, and Portugal, among other countries, and are currently screening in the Criterion Collection channel.                                                                                                                                                              

Joana Pimenta is a filmmaker and writer from Portugal who lives and works in Lisbon, the U.S. and Brazil. Her latest film, An Aviation Field, premiered in the International Competition at the 69th Locarno Film Festival, was screened in the Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, CPH:Dox, Rencontres Internationales Paris – Berlin, Valdivia, Lima, Mar del Plata, Edinburgh, among others, and received the Jury Award for Best Film in Competition at Zinebi ’58. Her previous work, The Figures Carved Into the Knife by the Sap of the Banana Trees, received the Jury Award for Best Film in Competition at Indielisboa and the Tom Berman Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and was screened at the Toronto, New York, Jihlava, Taipei, VideoEx, and Syros film festivals, among many other venues. Her work in video installation was exhibited at the Festival Temps d’Images, National Art Gallery, Harvard Art Museums, Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery, Fundacion Botin, Galeria da Boavista, The Pipe Factory, among others.


Pimenta; Once there Was Brasilia (2017)
An Aviation Field (2016)
Queirós; White Out, Black In (2014)
A Cidade é Uma Só? (2011)