THEATER: Klasserommet

A theatre performance by Cirka Teater in collaboration with Vega Teater. Get a discount to the play with the MIRAGE festival pass! A musical and partially documentary narrative from the rebellious 60s, where we step into the threatening dynamics of the closed classroom and get to experience that there are many different and varied versions of the truth about that time.

In "Klasserommet" memories and fragments of stories are gathered in a puzzle-like narrative. The presentation is a lush, colorful, and partially documentary portrayal of vulnerable children and their teacher, a relationship marked by power and abuse of power. The schoolyard and the classroom provide the backdrop for everything that happens. The stories are experienced from the children's perspective and from the reflective hindsight of the adults. But also, "Miss's" voice gets a chance to speak: In the 60s, strong values are on a collision course, and the authoritarian teacher's values face significant resistance. "Miss" experiences a complete upheaval of her professional life. On the other side of the 60s, children and young people find an entirely new place in society, and the role of the teacher is redefined. "Miss's" foundation crumbles.

With live music on stage, clever narrative techniques, and visual play with objects and space, actress Anne Marit Sæther shows us how the power of art can change our relationship to history.

Script: Anne Marit Sæther
Script Consultant: Kjersti Haugen
Actress: Anne Marit Sæther
Direction: Kjersti Haugen
Musicians: Erlend Smalås/Martin Smidt
Set Design: Gilles Berger
Costume: Berit With
Lighting Designer: Eirik Torsethaugen
Producer: Ingrid Bjørsnøs Kvam

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