MIRAGE Outdoor Cinema

Eventyrbrua Akerselva
MIRAGE in collaboration with Aftenposten welcomes all of you to a day of free film screenings along the river as an extension of the festival. You can see multiple films on the silver screen, so feel free to bring your camping chair, thermos, and a warm jacket, and prepare for an autumn day filled with delightful content that will immerse you. Our main venue, Vega Scene, is nearby where you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and anything else you might desire such as drinks, baked goods and food.

MIRAGE MINI: Microcosmos (1996, 80 min)
Imagine being a tiny ant in a thunderstorm, fighting raindrops the size of your whole body, or a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. This film allows for precisely that, to feel and experience life in the Microcosmos.

Plastic Semiotic (2021, 22 min)
The makers of this short film must have had fun reenacting human existence with plastic toys, from birth to death, through childhood, youth, adulthood, and decline into old age. The effect is also sinister as these soulless plastic dolls become huge

As We’re Told (2017, 28 min)
Imagine a nightmare where your local employment office has been replaced by a Kafkaesque version of reality made of cardboard.

An Asian Ghost Story (2023, 37 min)
A visually captivating time machine of a film that brings forth the connection between ghost stories, wigs made from communist hair, and the Cold War.

Steam of Life (2010, 81 min)
A moody, comic and moving study of Finnish men framed by the national obsession with the sauna.


The outdoor cinema will be held by Akerselva below Jakob Kirke and DogA.
The first screening starts at 2 PM, and the last screening will be finished at 10 PM.

Bring the whole family!

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