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MIRAGE Mini is an eyeopener for our youngest audience. Experience cinema, live film performances and theater that brings fascination to the most open-minded audience of all; our kids.

In Visible Light with Gianmarco Donaggio

Bring your children on an exploration of electricity through this live film performance. An explosion of colors and lights. A compelling and mesmerizing experience unlike all. The Italian filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio pays a tribute to electricity and power. Something we have all around us, affecting almost everything in our lives. This will happen on Saturday the 14th of October at 13.00 in Salongen.
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MICROCOSMOS With Live Narration by Hazel Barstow

Imagine being a tiny ant in a thunderstorm, fighting raindrops the size of your whole body, or a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. This film allows for precisely that, to feel and experience life in the Microcosmos. Hazel Barstow will narrate this screening live and make this universe of bugs come to life. Make sure to come by Salongen on Sunday 15th of October at 13:30!

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In collaboration with Vega Teater we present the play Løve by Cirka Teater on Sunday 15th of October

A little lion is brimming with playfulness. When a random piece of paper flutters by, the chase begins. Strange creatures and figures emerge, and the lion encounters surprises aplenty! Cirka Teater has been captivated by the boundless enthusiasm children display through play. The little ones have a great ability to immerse themselves, live in the here and now, suddenly discover something new, and follow the new trail.

This is puppet theater about the quirky discoveries and the scary catastrophes. About falling time and time again, shaking their whiskers into place, and getting up once more. Recognizable for the little ones, amusing for the middle-aged, and perhaps even inspiring for the adults. "LØVE" is a tribute to curiosity and imagination.

Puppeteers: Anne Marit Sætter and Espen Dekko
Script: Cirka Teater
Puppets: Tatjana Zaitzow
Set Design: Gilles Berger
Music: Martin Smidt
Director Consultant: Gilles Berger
Recommended age: from 4 years and up.
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