MIRAGE Award Ceremony

The MIRAGE Award Ceremony hands out 4 prizes to the artists behind the craft of Cinema; for Directing, Cinematography, Editing and Sound Design. The Awards are handed out, as a personal recognition, by a one-person jury, honorable guests of the festival for each category.

MIRAGE Directing Award will this year be decided and handed out in person by Oscar-Nominated screenwriter for The Worst Person in the World and director of Blind and the Cannes hit The Innocents; Eskil Vogt. One of Norways most original and ambitious filmmakers.

The Nominated Films are:
A Night of Knowing Nothing (Director: Payal Kapadia)
De Humani Corporis Fabrica (Director: Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor)
Mother Lode (Director: Matteo Tortone)
The Eclipse (Director: Nataša Urban)

MIRAGE Editing Award will this year be decided and handed out by Anne Fabini, the renowned editor known for her magnificent contribution to Academy Award® nominated documentary features: WRITING WITH FIRE (2022) by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Gosh and OF FATHERS AND SONS (2019) by Syrian director Talal Derki, and a wide range of documentary and feature films since 1999.

The Nominatd Films are:
A House Made of Splinters (Editor: Michael Aaglund)
A Night of Knowing Nothing (Editor: Ranabir Das)
All of Our Heartbeats Are Connected Through Exploding Stars (Editor: Camille Corte, Amalie Westerlin Tjellesen)
Dry Ground Burning (Editor: Cristina Amaral)

MIRAGE Sound Design Award will this year be decided and handed out by Heikki Kossi. With more than 400 films on his track record, know for his fantastic contribution to films like Academy Award winner for bet sound design; Sound of Metal, The Innocents, A Distant Barking of Dogs, A House Made of Splinters, and a long range of incredible films.

The Nominated Films are:
All of Our Heartbeats Are Connected Through Exploding Stars (Sound Design by: Ted Krotkiewski)
Fragments From Heaven (Sound Design by: Sara Kaddouri )
Inner Lines (Sound Design by: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, Julia Lusinian,Jean-Luc Fichefet, Alain Cabaux)
The Eclipse (Sound Design: Svenn Jacobsen, Simon Ellegaard)

MIRAGE Cinematography Award will this year be decided and handed out by multi BAFTA and Oscar award-winning British cinematographer and photographer Sir Roger Deakins. Known for his work on films such as 1917, Blade Runner 2049 and Skyfall. Sir Deakins will hold a masterclass on cinematography, partake in roundtable discussions on the craft of filmmaking, talk about his book Byways and will decide and give out the MIRAGE Award for Best Cinematography.

The Nominated Films are:
Dogwatch (Cinematography: Thomas Tsiftelis)
Mother Lode (Cinematography: Patrick Tresch)
Rojek (Cinematography: Nicolas Canniccioni, Arshia Shakiba)
Faya Dayi (Cinematography: Jessica Beshir)

The MIRAGE Award Statue:

Each year MIRAGE invite one Norwegian Artist and sculpture to create a unique design for the MIRAGE Awards for Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Directing. For MIRAGE 2022 the magnificent Norwegian painter and sculptor Lars Morell will create and present his award-design at the Award Ceremony on the 15th of October in Oslo. 
Lars Morell (b. 1980, NO) is educated at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts. Over the past years, Morell has created a complex and diverse body of work incorporating a variety of techniques, where one approach is a sensation of the fluidity of his paintings also transforms into sculptures. Morell’s work has always encompassed and questioned the visible/invisible and what seems to be something that it is not.

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