Festival Opening: Hasse Farmen LIVE

SALT Naustet
MIRAGE is proud to present an intimate concert with the fantastic songwriter, poet and musician Hasse Farmen
Part of the MIRAGE Opening Day

In the intimate and cosy Naustet at SALT, Hasse Farmen generously share his personal poetry and fantastic musical universe with the lucky ones who can fit the space.

Hasse Farmen's music transcends genres. Chamber rock? Slowcore? Noir rock? Rock jazz?
Dagsavisen has perhaps come closest in the description of his musical space: "This is songwriting of a caliber well compared with the more recent Thåström, but
Hasse Farmen doesn't sound like anyone else". Or;  "...We are not spoiled for so-called cult artists in this country, but there are some, (...) like Hasse Farmen." - Ando Woltmann in Morgenbladet
Hasse Farmens solo album, "Minnefelt", rated to 5 stars in both Aftenposten and Dagsavisen. A hidden pearl to be explored close up at MIRAGE on the 12th of October.

Check out Hasses music here: www.hassefarmen.bandcamp.com

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