MIRAGE Film Festival Opening Night

SALT Art & Music
This year the MIRAGE opening is a mini-festival in itself, hosted by the multi-venue art-space SALT in the very city center of Oslo, overlooking the Opera and Munch Museum. The night will be packed with several film-screenings, silent cinema with live music, sauna-cinema and concerts. A full on cinema experience in a nomadic-romantic setting at SALT.

One day ticket to all:

5:30 PM - MIRAGE Opening Day - Doors Open

6:00 PM- Festival Opening speech

6:15 PM - SILENT CINEMA | In Spring In “Pyramiden” at SALT you get to immerse yourself in an audiovisual world. Together with Tromsø International Film Festival we can proudly announce this silent cinema concert where we will be screening the ground breaking Ukrainian documentary In Spring made by pioneer of art house documentary Mikhail Kaufman. To complete the experience there will be a live concert performed by the Ukrainian duo - Roksana Smirnova & Misha Kalinin from Odessa. Click for more.

6:30 PM - FILM | All of Our Heartbeats are Connected by Exploding Stars. With the 2011 tsunami in Japan as a backdrop, All of Our Heartbeats are Connected Through Exploding Stars is an astonishing journey told as an essay on cosmos and how all living things are connected. A contemplative narrative about nature's merciless potential, its delicate qualities - and the forces trying to destroy it. Click for more.

7:00-10:00 PM - HOT SHORTS CINEMA | International short film program in the sauna at SALT is curated by Sam Groves, program manager of "Britain's most exciting and innovative film festival" (Lonely Planet) Birmingham's Flatpack Festival.Constantly making waves on the international festival circuit for its open, inventive and unique movie screening. Sam picks out some of the more playful short docs which has graced their festival program in recent years.

In between you can go for a fresh fjord-bath to a varm and comfortable sauna and immerse yourself fully in our specially curated short film program. The whole program will last for about an hour and 20 minutes and you can come and go as you like.  Click for more.

07:15 PM - Hasse Farmen Live Mini Concert | In the intimate and cosy Naustet at SALT, Hasse Farmen generously share his personal poetry and fantastic musical universe with the lucky ones who can fit the space.

8:15 PM - FILM | Leviathan. Already with a cult status, and one of cinema history's finest and most daring documentaries. Leviathan takes you on a roller coaster journey, experiencing the cacophonic craziness of commercial fishing, as experienced from even the fishes point of view. Click for more

8:45 PM - LIVE CINEMA | Burial. The magnificently beautiful film about the shutdown and burial of a nuclear power plant merges with cosmic rave guru Timo Kaukolampi for an unforgettable live music and film performance!! Timo Kaukolampi is a Helsinki-based experimental music artist and self-taught composer, producer and meta band leader. His goal and ethos is to destroy and re-create his musical output with every new project and release. In search of uncharted realms of music, he has given us projects such as K-X-P and Opel Bastards. Click for more


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